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The Pramrolla is a simple, yet ingenious device that creates the sensation of motion felt by a baby in a moving pram - all from a stationary position.

A newborn child is a precious gift. Stable sleep patterns are a necessity for the wellbeing of both parent and child. The Pramrolla may help with the stress and difficulty sometimes experienced when training your baby how and when to sleep. Simple to set-up and compatible with any 3 or 4 wheel full-size or jogger pram, the Pramrolla is an innovative solution to an age old challenge.


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After the birth of his third child, and coming home to the reality of a life with three boys under three and a half years old, this Melbourne Dad retreated to his shed and came back with the Pramrolla.

The Pramrolla was created to assist a baby who can’t sleep, won’t sleep, or is unsettled at sleep times. The Pramrolla is designed to be an alternative for parents having to walk the pram, drive the car or do any other creative variation of these tasks to assist their baby to sleep.

For further information view the Quick Set-up Guide or the User Manual.

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Roll Control Unit, Power Adapter, Support Block, Carry Bag, Quick Set-up Guide, User Manual, Manufacturer's Warranty.


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The Pramrolla should not be used as a substitute for established best practices regarding babies and sleep as advised by your local maternity health care nurse or GP. Babies in prams and strollers should always be properly secured by the harness. All babies are different, and there is no guarantee that the Pramrolla will be effective for all babies. Simulated images used in this website.

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