Being a Parent can be hard…

When my wife Nicki and I brought home our third baby we had three boys under three and half years of age. I was working full-time running my own business and, although Nicki was on maternity leave from her normal job, she continued to run her own part time tax consultancy business from home. Our house was and still is, a very busy and often crazy place.


With so much going on it became increasingly difficult to provide our new baby with the sleep opportunities we wanted him to have. The flexibility we once enjoyed of going for a pram-walk or spontaneous drive in the car to help our first 2 boys sleep, now required a major logistical exercise to get everyone out of the house so this could happen.


We were confined to pram-walks around and around our back yard, or up and down the corridor of the house if, for whatever reason, our baby wouldn’t settle and sleep in his cot. The only person happy about this was our sleeping baby. We needed to find another way to help us get through this!

At some point the Pramrolla concept dawned on me, it almost seems silly how obvious it was: “if babies are so happy and capable of sleeping when riding in a pram or car, let’s just try and recreate that same sensation without having to go for a pram-walk or car drive”. A search of the internet and enquiries at baby stores gave us nothing, so after buying a few bits and pieces, and tinkering in our shed the first prototype of Pramrolla was born. It was, rough, ugly, big and loud – but it worked. Instead of the hours dedicated to pushing the pram, we now had some flexibility to manage our baby’s sleep and engage properly with our other two boys.

After we had such encouraging success with our own baby, I refined the design and made a few more models so some of our family and friends could also try it out with their babies. The success stories and benefits people were telling us about kept coming. Parents could get back some control of the situation, instead of being tied to the pram they were able to get on with other things in their life like engaging with other family members, work, or even getting their own sleep!


Being a Parent can be hard, we know, we live it every day, but wouldn’t change it for anything. We get great satisfaction from the thought that we have created something that helps make being a Parent a little bit easier.


Inventor and Owner
Dean Fanning