• For Parents who just want to get their baby to sleep or to extend their baby’s sleep times.
  • For all babies, especially those who love to sleep in a pram or car. Generally, from birth to around 12-14 months of age (or until they realise the “ride” is just pretend!)
  • Pramrolla is a small household appliance that runs off mains power. It sits under a wheel of any 3 or 4-wheel full size pram, and spins that wheel to create the sleep lulling effect of white motion.
  • AS/NZ Safety Standards compliance 60335-1 (Safety) and C1SPR14 (EMC).
  • Wherever your pram is, near any standard power point (Included is an Aust. 2-pin power adaptor). You’re not actually going anywhere because the pram stays in the same spot, just with one of its wheels spinning!

We’ll let some of the people who own a Pramrolla have the say here:


  • “At 4am when my 5month old just won’t go back to sleep in her cot.”
  • “I work from home, often I’ll just need another 30 minutes or so to get whatever I am doing finished without being interrupted or distracted.“
  • “When it’s pouring rain, who wants to walk the streets to get your baby to sleep?!”
  • “You know what, with 2 other kids to look after, sometimes I just don’t have the energy or the ability to take my baby for a walk so he can sleep.”
  • “Our 6month old has a 5pm nap of around 25minutes, but only if being held, in a body wrap, or in his pram. I’ve got other kids to look after at 5pm so the Pramrolla is perfect for him to get his nap, away from me, and everyone else.”
  • “Our baby had perfected falling asleep in the pram just as we’d arrive home. If we stopped walking he’d wake up. Pramrolla solves this problem in about 5 seconds.”
  • “We live in an apartment, Pramrolla was perfect for helping us get through a cold and wet winter.”


Pramrolla shouldn’t be used as a substitute for established best practice sleeping guidelines as advocated by your Maternal Health Nurse or other recognised experts such as SIDS and KIDS. Pramrolla is designed for short sleeps of between 30 – 120minutes.

  • There is no secret technology to Pramrolla, nor have we made any ingenious scientific break-through. Pramrolla simply recreates the same feeling in the pram that has been sending babies off to sleep for ever.
  • Pramrolla creates the same white motion through the pram that the baby feels on a normal pram ride around the streets or in a moving car.
  • This very gentle vibration, coupled with low level white noise from the motor is all that Pramrolla does – but that’s all it needs to do!!